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Live from Protospiel July 16, 2006

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First off…I’m back from vacation.  Thanks to Joe for posting my update on Thursday.

Today I made the short trek up north to Ann Arbor for Protospiel…

What’s Protospiel you may ask?  It’s a small con for game designers…attendees bring their prototype games for playtesting and peer review.  Though I didn’t have a game for review, I attended today to catch the Guest of Honor speaker, Matt Forbeck.  Mr. Forbeck is a professional game designer and author who until today I’ve only known through email.  His most recent game credit is Marvel Heroes Battle Dice, a game reviewed here a little while back.

Anyway, Mr. Forbeck gave a one hour presentation on the topic of Freelance Game Design and some pointers about submitting games to publishers.  It was a great talk with lots of Q & A, and I got to catch up with afterwards and just talk games and life, which was very cool.  I only had time to demo one game on either side of the presentation, but the atmosphere was very laid back, everyone in shorts and t-shirts.  (Except me of course, I was all dressed up for dinner later with the fam, but whatever.)  It was a different type of gaming experience, where you can sit right down with game designers and give them instant feedback on what works, what doesn’t work, and what you’d like to see in their game.  Cool stuff.  If you are working on game design and you have a playable prototype ready for next year, I’d recommend trying to catch the event.



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