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Transformers Attacktix Preview: Retail Promo Figure July 6, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Previews, Transformers.

Today, tomorrow, and all next week, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Attacktix Retail Promos and Tournament Prizes.

This week we’ll cover the two new retail promos.  Today’s preview starts off the “clone” theme for this week…:



  • Attack: Small Missile
  • Defense: Small Base
  • Points: 10
  • Attacktix Class: Trooper
  • Transformers Class: Decepticon
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Rally – Decepticon 
  • Number: (P/01)

Hasbro has produced two new promo figures for the game which will be available at retail outlets later this year, attached to other products.  Look for details to come.  Today we preview the Transformers promo, the “Alternate Art” Decepticlone.

A fairly standard 10 point Trooper, the Decepticlone stands out due to his powerful special…Rally – Decepticon.  Rally effects help your team to play “bigger” than it really is, and by working with any Decepticon, it’s a very versatile power.

That’s it for today.  Make sure to check the Joe Attacktix site  tomorrow for the Star Wars preview.  Also, keep in mind that the Intergalactic Showdown set should be in stores now, run out there and check it out!

Check back here next week as we preview the new Star Wars tournament figures. – B

– Correction…yesterday I reported that these promo figures would be con exclusives…that was incorrect.  These promo figures will be available attached to other retail products later this year.  Be sure to check out Joe’s site today for some insight into what will be available at the con this year. – Brett



1. vadersfist - July 9, 2006

Chrome Vader next week!!!!

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