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Transformers Teaser Trailer UP! June 29, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Movies, Transformers.

Apparently there is more than a little hype for this movie…the teaser trailer was leaked to youtube, was retracted, then was put up on the official site….www.transformersmovie.com…I suggest you head over there now to check it out…

 If you can’t wait for it to download….click through for a brief description of the spot…

The teaser starts with a countdown and a rocket launching.  A text over tells us that we launched a Mars rover in 2003.  We are told that the official word is that it crashed.  Then we see the rover on Mars fully functioning…cameras everywhere on it.  Then the text over tells us that it’s final transmission was classified top secret…a giant figures shadow covers the rover, then a brief glimpse of a huge robotic figure crushing the rover.  We are told…it was the only warning we would ever get.

The Earth appears, as if from space, then the Transformers movie logo sort of transforms over the top of the screen, then transforms into the release date (7-4-7), then transforms into the Autobot logo.

Sweet.  🙂 – B


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