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Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Final Four, Day 4 June 29, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Previews, Star Wars.

Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 and Transformers Attacktix Series 1.

We made it!  This is it…the final preview, the all new flying Boba Fett…:

Boba Fett

Boba Fett

  • Attack: Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Ability: Flight 
  • Points: 40
  • Attacktix Class: Specialist
  • Star Wars Class: Bounty Hunter
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Sacrifice – Bounty Hunter
  • Number: (SW/10)4)

Here he is…the new Fett.  Familiar Attacktix and Star Wars classes, a new gun with a standard medium missile.  Also, a new special power, a high frequency Sacrifice power that will let Fett stay in play more often than not, at the expense of one of your other Bounty Hunters.  (Can I suggest the new 10 point Greedo?)  But the biggest news is the flight string…a first for standard sized figures…

Fett Flying

As you can see, Fett can extend his range by about four tix by leaving his flight stand to attack.  This allows him to float above or past friendly figs that can block the return shot, and it also lets him “retreat” after taking his shot.  This is a great new feature for standard sized figs, and it is well executed in this new figure.

That’s it for the previews, I hope you enjoyed them.  Make sure to check the Joe Attacktix site for the Transformers preview.  I invite you to visit again tomorrow for a recap of the previews, a groups shot of the booster figs, and a teaser of the next series of previews we will have for you starting in a couple of weeks.  Also, keep in mind that the Intergalactic Showdown set should be in stores now, run out there and check it out! – B



1. Sapphira - June 29, 2006

I think this could easily be my favorite figure of the last four! A great way to spice up a figure that we already have.

2. Recondo - June 30, 2006

Its a tough call.. as cool as his features are, are they worth 40 points? Right when I think “yes”, I remind myself that he’s only got a medium base & medium missile, so that (also) detracts a little from the equation (think destroyer droid.. 40 points as well, but you get 2 missile shots & it has a large base, etc).

Don’t get me wrong though, this is one of the coolest figures to date & even if he’s not the greatest addition to a 100 point team, he’ll still be fun to play with (which is all that matters.. lol)… and since he is so unique compared to any other normal figure (even though I don’t think he’ll be quite worth the 40 points), I guess until he’s in hand, it’ll be a tough to gauge his effectiveness, & thereby his value for the cost. 🙂

I can’t wait!

3. jakmo - July 21, 2006

ohmygod ohmygod this has got to be the coolest attack tic yet this will surely be one to add to my collection

4. lace wigs - September 27, 2009

when is the next one coming out?


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