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Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Final Four Day 1 June 26, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Previews, Star Wars.

Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 and Transformers Attacktix Series 1.

We’re in the home stretch of the previews…only four more to go!  Today brings us back to the swirling sands of Tatooine…:



  • Attack: Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 30
  • Attacktix Class: Captain
  • Star Wars Class: Empire
  • Base Speed: 6
  • Special Power: Attackback – x2 Specialist
  • Number: (SW/09)4)

Ok, reissue of the Sandtrooper…blah blah 30 points, blah Medium Missile and Base…blah blah 6 speed…alright, he’s a Captain, and Empire.

The real fun is his Special, the always saucy Attackback x2…and this time for Specialists, which is nice.  Not only can he cut across teams and universes to support Specialists, everywhere, but he just became the bounty hunters best friend.  A solid fig with a good to great special…count me in.

That’s it for today.  Make sure to check the Joe Attacktix site for the Transformers review.  Check back here tomorrow as we continue to run down the final four figures, finishing off with the all new all different Boba Fett on Thursday. – B 



1. Yaggleberry Finn - June 26, 2006

Doesn’t look like he’ll be a great addition to the Imperial team. Now that there are some new Imperial strikers (mainly the Vaders) the S3 version of the Sandtrooper will be much more useful than he was before. He certainly could benefit the Bounty Hunters, but it’s yet another 30 point figure to throw into that group… and that eats up your point total pretty quickly.

2. Recondo - June 26, 2006

My thoughts exactly. The bounty hunters cost so much as it is, that really only a 10 point figure (with a specialist power) would work for them imo. As of right now, I think the Tie Pilot still holds the slot of “bounty hunters’ best buddy”.. lol.

3. sfx5000 - June 27, 2006

Out of all the figures to remake why this guy? Not a bad figure over all (series 3 or 4) but like you said webhead… blah! So far this series has given us more remakes than we originally thought. I would have traded in all the reissues for one new Emperor. Heck, I would’ve been happy with a series 1 Palpatine, robes painted black, stronger shooter with the series 1 Emperor’s head suck on (hmmmm… sounds like a good custom)

4. webofwebhead - June 27, 2006

My only regret is that he didn’t get the “muddy boots” treatment, which I think is a cool look for the other reprints.

This is really the standard 30 point fig…medium base, medium missile, 6 speed…nothing to get worked up over. But as I said in the review, I think the special has potential…espeically as a futue cross-over piece.

As a side note, I really appreciate the fact that you guys take the time to comment here…and I hope you enjoy the format of the previews. – B

5. Recondo - June 27, 2006

You bet, your preview format rocks man… I don’t think I’ve said it yet (sorry), but thanks a ton for the sneak peeks! Well done. 😀

6. webofwebhead - June 27, 2006

On a barely related note, you know you are a geek when you can spell Tatooine without looking it up. Yikes!

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