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Gen Con PreReg = Bending Over Backwards… June 23, 2006

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You would have thought I learned my lesson…my first GenCon was the first time it had moved to Indy, and I didn't pre-reg.  So, I waited in line for something like 3 hours.  And that, my friends, is not exaggeration.

If you've never been to a con like that, you wouldn't know that GenCon and Origins must be fronts for the NSA or something…to get into the con, they need to process you like you are visiting Ellis Island from far away lands.  I kid you not, I think the IRS knows less about me than GenCon LLC must.

So, if you don't pre-reg, you stand in line forever while they process you.  As an aside, I've been to sporting events at the Big House (U of M stadium, capacity 110,000 +), and somehow I can get in and to my seat in like a half hour.  Yet, with about 1/20 th of the people to get through in a day, it takes hours and hours.

What was my point?  So I've been trying to pre-reg on the Gen Con site all week, and guess what, technical difficulties.  And you know what?  Today the pre-sale is over and all of the prices went up.  Yay me.  So, instead of buying a weekend badge, I'll be getting a Saturday only pass.

Why I can't just buy a ticket at the door and walk in is beyond me…maybe someday I can sell them some biometrics hardware and make a mint off of them scanning your corneas…

– B (frustrated, can you tell?)



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