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Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Imperial March I June 20, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Previews, Star Wars.

Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 and Transformers Attacktix Series 1.

Today's preview begins this weeks "Imperial March", culminating with the new Darth Vader on Friday…:



  • Attack: Small Missile
  • Defense: Small Base
  • Points: 10
  • Attacktix Class: Trooper
  • Star Wars Class: Empire
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Charge – Empire x 2
  • Number: (SW/04)4)

When reviewing the Empire figs…you have to start at the bottom.  The new Stormtrooper has apparently been busy doing the Empire's dirty work…he has a similar deco to the new Biker Scout with the muddy boot look.  That's not the only thing different about this version though, this version of the Stormtrooper has the newer and somewhat rare Charge special power, perfect for allowing your Empire strikers to close in on their targets.  Check back throughout the rest of the week to see some of those new Empire striker figs…

That's it for today.  Make sure to check the Joe Attacktix site for the Transformers review.  Check back here tomorrow as the Imperial March continues… – B 



1. Recondo - June 20, 2006

I very much appreciate Hasbro’s efforts to stay “on topic” when putting out a specific series… even down to the small paint app details, such as the muddy boots. This trooper will look great in a theme battle vs the Ewoks, Endor rebel troopers, Endor characters, and along side the AT-ST drivers & Biker Scouts. Very cool. 🙂

2. sfx5000 - June 21, 2006

“Empire strikers”?!? I noticed that on the Attacktix forum you mentioned a NEW Darth Vader! It looks like Hasbro has done a good job of keeping some of this series under wraps (from the ToyFair photos we’ve seen). I wonder what other surprises lie in wait for us?

3. jakmo - July 21, 2006

this guy looks awsome and I hope that they give him a better base and a bigger missile

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