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Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Starter Bounty Hunters June 16, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Previews, Star Wars.

Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 and Transformers Attacktix Series 1.

Today we finish off the new starter with the two new Bounty Hunter faction figs…:

Boba Fett, Starter

Boba Fett

  • Attack: Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 30
  • Attacktix Class: Specialist 
  • Star Wars Class: Bounty Hunter
  • Base Speed: 6
  • Special Power: Recover – Bounty Hunter 
  • Number: (SW/21)4)

One of the two Boba Fetts in this set, the starter version will be the easiest to come by of all Fetts, a boon to casual collectors everywhere.  This Fett is very similar to his existing versions in terms of stats and class.  However, he does have a new special, Recover, something we haven’t seen on a Bounty Hunter before.  Also notice that both figures have Bounty Hunter specific specials.  The new starter will allow two players to jump right into the game with two simple two figure teams of equal points, with figures that work correctly together.

Greedo, Starter


  • Attack: Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 10
  • Attacktix Class: Specialist
  • Star Wars Class: Bounty Hunter 
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Shootback – Bounty Hunter 
  • Number: (SW/22)4)

I’m not sure there is much that needs to be said about Greedo.  Already ahead of the curve in his previous release in Series 3, Greedo returns in Series 4 as probably the most powerful 10 point figure we will ever see.  The speed of 4 is about what you would expect, but with a medium missile and medium base, Greedo plays much bigger than any other 10 point launcher figure.  His special is somewhat narrow, but still useful, expect to see this figure on a lot of tournament teams in the near future.

That’s it for today.  Make sure to check the Joe Attacktix site for the Transformers Previews.  Check back here next week as we dive back into the booster figs. – B



1. Recondo - June 16, 2006

Yeah, I agree.. with a medium base & medium missile, he’s quite a steal for 10 points… but is this a good thing? In all honesty, I hope this doesn’t become a trend though because it will throw everything else off.

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