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Drudge Report runs second Comic story in as many weeks… June 15, 2006

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I read a bunch of websites everyday, and the Drudge Report is the LAST place I expected to have comic spoilers posted in full color on the front page.  (Then again, the Drudge Report only really has a front page, but I digress.)  For those that don't know, the Drudge Report is a "right leaning" news/headline site…more of a gathering of headlines than anything else.  Now, when I say headlines, I mean usually we are talking about the latest news from Iraq, or what have you…but last week the new Batwoman was on the front page in full color…and this week it's Spider-Man, the last page of Civil War #2 to be exact.  Wedged into the first column between stories about the decision to hire Katie Couric and the situation with doctors in India, there is a full color pic of Spidey.  So, if you haven't gotten the memo…comics are mainstream now. – B



1. Sapphira - June 16, 2006

I think the mainstream coverage is a little bit on the insane side but as long as it’s helping sales (is it…???) I guess I won’t complain.

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