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Variant: Attacktix Chess May 30, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Star Wars.

So last week we talked a little about making a good game variant, and today I was inspired to make a Chess Variation of Attacktix.

Chess is a great game to use as a basis for variants…nearly everyone knows the basics of how the game works, and it's abstract enough to allow for innovation in the way it is interpreted through other games.  Let's take a look…

Attacktix Chess

This variant of the Attacktix Battle Figure Game is designed to emulate the basic rules of Chess.  Following are the changes to Squad Building and the Rules of Play for this variant.

Squad Building:

Squads must be exactly 320 points, broken down as follows:

8 x 10 point figures – Pawns

2 x 20 point figures – Knights

2 x 30 point striker figures – Bishops

2 x 30 point launcher figures – Rooks

1 x 40 point striker figure – Queen

1 x 40 point launcher figure – King

Back-ups may contain up to 100 points worth of figures, but may not include any 40 point figures.

Figures may not use their Effects.

Rules of Play:

The object of the game is to defeat (or Capture) the opponents King figure (their 40 point launcher figure).

Each turn, a player may only move one figure and is alloted only one attack action.  The figure that moved need not be the figure that uses the attack action.

At the beginning of the game, each player places their pawn figures 4 Tix from the edge of their side of the board, then places a Rook, a Bishop, a Knight, the King and Queen, a Knight, a Bishop, and the last Rook 2 Tix from the edge of their side of the board and directly behind the respective Pawn figures.

The first time each pawn figure moves, if it is a launcher it may move +4 Tix, if it is a striker it may move +2 Tix.

Non-pawn figures may only move after the pawn directly ahead of them has moved.

King figures have the following additional Special Power:  [Sacrifice] If White or Black > Replace one of your Rook figures with this figure.

Pawns have the following ability:
If a Pawn ends its movement in an opponents starting area, you may immediately replace it with one of your defeated figures.

All other Attacktix rules are in effect as normal.



1. webofwebhead - May 30, 2006

Added the “pawn promotion” line that I inadvertently left out the first time, d’oh!

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