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Attacktix Squad Building Guide: Depth May 18, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Star Wars, Strategy.

Over the next few weeks I'll be releasing a series of articles that when taken together will be a comprehensive guide to building squads in Attacktix.  Look for a compiled and edited version to show up over on joeattacktix.com in the near future.

Welcome back.  Last week I started with the first two elements of what I call "Reach", the effect of playing a squad that plays bigger than the limitations imposed by the rules of the game.  The three components of Reach are: Attack Action Advantage, Mobility, and Depth.  Today's article will cover Depth, the elements that make a team feel bigger than 100 points.

Depth is a broad element, but basically it boils down to this, anything that forces your opponent to defeat more than 100 points worth of figures to win creates depth for your team.  Strategy, Powers, Effects and Abilities can all contribute to Depth…

  1. Strategy.  Once again, figure choice is a huge component of this.  Choosing figures that seem to be worth more than their points, particularly those that cost less than other figures of similar base size or attack strength (I'm probably looking at you again Greedo), is one way to create "virtual" depth.
  2. Powers.  Recruit and Rally are the kings of creating depth for your team.  The Recruit power gives you access to an additional 50 points worth of figures, while Rally lets defeated figures get a second chance at seeing play.  Recover and Rescue both allow figures to bounce directly back into play if the conditions are right.  Sacrifice is like Recovers little brother, it lets a figure come back, at the expense of losing another.  However, if you are replacing lower cost figures with higher cost figures, you are still mitigating your losses.  Finally, Capture creates depth by replacing a defeated figure with an opponents figure, which could be a huge swing depending on which figures are involved on each side.
  3. Effects.  The Medic Droid provides a very straight forward Rally effect over time.  Keep in mind however that the Medic Droid needs to Rally back at least 20 points of figures to break even, otherwise you may have been better served playing normal attacking figures.
  4. Abilities.  The Emperor has a Capture like ability that has a chance of drastically swinging the balance of the game, letting your 20 point figure potentially steal an opponent's 40 point figure.  While difficult to use, it can be a game breaking ability.

As you can see, there are a lot of options that can add Depth to your squad.  When you weigh the fact that a well built team can have a better than average chance at Recruiting all of its back-ups during the course of a game, you realize that a 150 point team should beat a 100 point team the majority of the time.  Of course, not every team can be focused around Recruiting, or Rallying, or Depth in general.  But, every squad builder should be aware of which of the three elements of Reach they are incorporating into their team, and tune their in-game strategy accordingly.

Now that we've thoroughly covered the concept of Reach, we can move on to different aspects of squad building.  Next time we will look at a particular type of squad building, building around the strengths of a single character, or "tent pole".  See you then. – B



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