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Attacktix Squad Building Guide: Attacks and Mobility May 10, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Strategy.

Over the next few weeks I'll be releasing a series of articles that when taken together will be a comprehensive guide to building squads in Attacktix.  Look for a compiled and edited version to show up over on joeattacktix.com in the near future.

The first topic I'm going to tackle is what I call "Reach".  Reach is a term I use to describe the effect of playing a squad that plays bigger than the limitations imposed by the rules of the game.  The three components of Reach are: Attack Action Advantage, Mobility, and Depth.  Today's article will cover Attack Action Advantage and Mobility.  Depth, the elements that make a team feel bigger than 100 points, will be covered in the next article.

The default number of Attack Actions for a turn is two…and this is probably one of the most limiting aspects of the game.  The concept of Attack Action Advantage is simple…make more attacks during the course of the game than your opponent.  This can be done either by using strategy, powers, effects, or abilities.  Here's a fairly comprehensive list of those methods…

  1. Strategy.  Use Launchers.  While all-striker teams can be effective, by their very nature they tend not to be able to attack for the first round or two of play.  Each attack that you don't make on your turn gives your opponent a free pass.  Even two low level launchers on an otherwise striker heavy team will almost guarantee you will be able to use your attack action allotment in the early game, putting pressure on your opponent from the start.
  2. Powers.  The following powers either increase the number of attacks you can make in a round, or decrease the number of attacks your opponent can make.  They are: Attackback, Shootback, Vengeance (an automatic attack of sorts), Capture (removes a figure from your opponents control), Battle Cry, and Evade (which limits your opponents targets, and could prevent them from attacking at all for a turn).
  3. Effects. R2-D2 is the prime example of an effect that can change your Attack Action Allotment for the turn, with the potential to give you +1 or +2 attacks in a turn (balanced by the fact he could also give you a -1).  Luke as Stormtrooper and Han Solo as Stormtrooper both have the same built in ability to attack for free as long as the Princess condition is met.
  4. Abilities.  The Destroyer Droid (and in non-tournament games the AT-RT) allows you to make more than one attack using just one attack action.

When building your squad…keep the above items in mind.  Much like in hockey, where the team that has the most shots on goal usually has the highest score, the player that makes the most attacks in a game is most likely to come out on top.

Mobility is much easier to come by in the game, after all, each figure can move on each of your turns.  However, with no terrain to contend with, positioning is a key element in game strategy.  Any extra mobility you can gain in the course of the game is more likely to put your launchers in a more accurate position, or move your strikers into melee range. Again, greater mobility can be gained by using strategy, powers, and effects, here is a list of those methods…

  1. Strategy.  This time around, the focus is on figure selection in terms of strategy.  A number of figures are simply faster than their counterparts, such as Greedo, the Clone Sergeant, and even the series 1 armored Darth Vader.  Similarly, the Grievous Bodyguard is much faster than say, a Tusken Raider.
  2. Powers.  The following powers either increase your figures mobility, or move your opponent closer to you: Attackback (again, this time focusing on the free move portion), Sacrifice (which has the almost unintended side effect of moving a figure around the board automatically), Rescue (similar to Sacrifice, this is particularly userful when it moves a launcher figure out of melee range), Force Push (moving an opponents figure closer to your attackers), and finally the poster child for added mobility, Charge.
  3. Effects.  Whereas R2-D2 can hold great influence over your attack actions, his dark counterpart R2-Q5 can be a huge boost to your mobility, giving you a chance to move any of your Troopers at double thier normal speed.  Not only does this put launchers in position faster, but it can be devastating when combined with high speed striker Troopers.

Never take for granted the basic "free" moves your force is alloted…always keep in mind that greater speed and mobility will often lead to more accurate launcher attacks and more frequent striker attacks.

That's it for this time.  Join me next time as I explore the concept of Depth, as we look at ways to make your squad play big. – B



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