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Review: Attacktix Series 3 February 14, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Reviews.

Attacktix is THE sleeper CMG on the market today.  It's geared towards kids (but in theory, so are all of these games), so it slips under the radar of "serious" game reviewers…you probably haven't seen it on the cover of InQuest, let alone inside the mag.  Nevertheless, Hasbro has put out a fun game so far…does the third set live up to the hype?  Let's take a look…Stormtrooper

Attacktix Series 3 shares the same distribution setup as the previous two releases, 3 pack boosters, 5 figure starters, and "megas".  The mega this time around is Jabba the Hutt…a difficult transition into this game, as he's not known as a "weapon" character.  Hasbro decided it would make a lot of sense for him to shoot balls out of his mouth as his weapon.  Oddly enough, in the warped world of Attacktix, this kinda makes sense.  Keep in mind that Series 3 is "A New Hope" based…at first you might contend that Jabba is more of a "Return of the Jedi" guy…until you remember your Special Edition history.  😉

Moving on to the Starter, this time around there is only one, the Luke/Vader starter.  Oddly, here we find the only character that really doesn't fit the New Hope theme…Luke is clearly in the Return of the Jedi mode in his all black "ninja" outfit.  He's also a force blaster, probably my least favorite attack.  Eh.  On the plus side, the Vader in the starter is rock solid, not quite as powerful as the Series 1 "Armored Vader", but close, and for less points.  A solid figure, especially for players new to the game.


Moving on to the bulk of the set, the boosters.  The 5/10/15 – Common/Rare/Super Rare split continues to go a long way towards getting players more "army builder" figs like Stormtroopers while keeping them from getting too many doubles of unique figures, like C-3P0.  Speaking of Threepio, he and the new Chewbacca bring a new form of Striker attack to the set, the "uppercut".  However, the newest attack innovation is the Tusken Warlord, with his "prodder" Gaffi Stick…like a close range launcher, the Gaffi Stick retracts, then juts out with the push of a button, violently stabbing opposing figures, and hopefully knocking them down of course.

Another new trick are attacking figures with Effects.  Unlike characters like R2-D2 from Set 2, who had Effects but no attacks, two new figures – Luke as Stormtrooper and Han as Stormtrooper – get "free" attacks as long as Leia is in play.  A great mechanic to simulate the "rescue the princess" theme.  Unfortunately, Leia leads off a string of reprints from Series 2, Leia, Bossk, Boba Fett, Luke and Han are all reissues, though they all have new Special Powers.


Greedo is among the fresh faces in the group, he in particular is a rather aggressive piece.  For his size and attack, you'd expect a 30 point figure with 6 speed, instead you get a 20 point figure with 8 speed, a very solid addition to any team.  R2-Q5, R2-D2's evil counterpart, also looks to shake up the game by having a randomized effect that can double the speed of a Trooper for a turn.  While this might not seem like the be all end all for Stormtroopers and the like that only move 4 to begin with, when you consider the Grievous Bodyguards from Series 2 are 12 speed Troopers, you have the makings of a dangerous combo.


Attacktix Series 3 is a solid addition to the game.  The two new powers, Charge (or is it Retreat? 😉  ) and Evade are great new twists on powers.  The figure assortment is solid, even with the necessary reprints, and new versions of existing figures.  This is also a possible jumping on point for Original Trilogy fans, as there is nary a Clone in sight.

Best Trait: Luke and Han as Stormtroopers

Worst Trait: One sixth of booster figs are reprints

Game Title: Star Wars Attacktix Battle Figure Game, Series 3

Release Date: In stores now

Product Reviewed: 1 Starter, 3 Boosters, spoilers

On the Web: www.attacktix.com (redirects to Hasbro site)



1. sfx5000 - February 17, 2006

Cool review webhead. You should post it or at least give the gang over at the ‘tix forum the heads-up.

2. Jeff - May 4, 2007

great review man. I bought my boys a total of 12 attacktix and I find I really enjoy playing the game with them. I am 29 and my boys are 5 and 7 and we all love the game. I actually had some friends over the other night and I was explaining it to them about the game and shoot wouldn’t you know, the adults all ended up playing 2 -3 games lol it was great!!!

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