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Welcome to Web of Webhead – The Blogging February 10, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog.

Some of you reading this may know me from my HeroClix days, some from my more recent Attacktix contributions, some from my old Overpower days.  In any case, this is what this is all about, and how I ended up here… 

Web of Webhead is, or will be, a blog of game reviews, game talk, and sometimes comic reviews and talk, movies, TV, all of the things that occupy my brain when it’s not doing important things like working or focusing on family and friends. 

I got into collectible gaming back in 1994 when Magic the Gathering was still new and fresh.  I jumped from that game to many others, most notably Overpower, Star Wars, Highlander, Young Jedi, Raw Deal, HeroClix, and Attacktix.  I’ve been privileged to be a playtester for many games, including Magi Nation, HeroClix, VS., and Pirates of the Spanish Main.  I’ve also tinkered with amateur game design, starting with my own custom cards for Overpower and Star Wars, and more recently full blown game add-ons for HeroClix and Attacktix. 

My passion for gaming pushed me into the web for new information and discussion, and I created a series of Yahoo Groups under the “Unofficial” line for games like Overpower and HeroClix.  My work on the HeroClix group led to my affiliation with Realmworx, and specifically, HCRealms, a site I had the opportunity to moderate for a number of years and even run as admin for six months or so.  Most recently I’ve been a contributing writer to Attacktix Tactics, and now I’ve made the jump to my own “space” again, here on Web of Webhead. 

WoW started out as my weekly column on HCRealms, and has gone on to be my column title on Attacktix Tactics as well.  As a blog, WoW will be gaming-centric, focusing on game reviews and discussion, though I’ll undoubtedly swerve into other topics from time to time.  Thanks for stopping by to have a read, and I hope you enjoy what you see. – Brett 



1. Sapphira - February 14, 2006

Looking forward to reading all your stuff Brett!

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